Saturday, February 1, 2014

A visit to the Lingenberrys

I have a few pictures I've been meaning to get off my camera and share.  Pictures of Charlie and Juniper from the visit to the Lingenberrys in October.  Warning, cute pictures of my niece and nephew ahead.

Charlie Green as I call him.  It's so awesome to see his personality and see what he's like as he's getting bigger.  I'd say Charlie is a mini-me of my brother.

This was the best photo out of the five or so Sean took.  It was the only one where no one was moving.  Juniper looks so small in this photo!

We went to a corn maze.  The corn was taller than Charlie even while sitting on his dad's shoulders.

All of the Lingenberrys.  I love Juniper's look on her face. 

What's this called, a corn box?  It was like a sandbox, but with corn instead.  The corn maze was really cool.  I'm hoping Sean and I can go down to Winona and go to it again.  There were three separate mazes and we walked through all of it.  Charlie made it walking for most of it.  He did a good job leading us through as well.