Monday, October 15, 2012

New Calorie Counting App: My Fitness Pal.

Last week, I started using a different calorie counting app on my iPod touch.  I began using My Fitness Pal.  I'm pretty much in love.

I used to use the LoseIt! app.  I've used that one on and off in college and more so over the last year.  I'm going to do a little list bullet style to communicate my thoughts on both apps.  These are simply my opinions and they probably differ from someone else. 

My Fitness Pal:
  • More user friendly.  I also like the web based program as well.
  • There are more brand name foods listed in the database.
  • The barcode scanner actually works.  Huge difference from LoseIt!.
  • Once all food and exercise have been entered for a day, I click a "complete this entry" button and it says if I keep eating and exercising the same as I did that day, I would weigh X amount in 5 weeks.  That makes me think about my long term goals.
  • Recipes can be created, just like in LoseIt!.
  • There's really nothing I haven't liked about it - yet.
  • I've used it for years.
  • It has a better looking web based program, but looks don't matter all that much.
I couldn't think of anything else for LoseIt! - obviously.  I'm happy I made the switch.  I've been religiously entering everything since last week and I'm loving it.  This is something new that has kickstarted me back into lifestyle change gear. 

I apologize for my lack of posting.  There hasn't been much going on since the wedding, so not very much to blog about.  I'll try to do better! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wedding pictures!

Yesterday, I got the disc of wedding pictures from the photographer in the mail.  Thanks for sending it to me so fast Mom!

Anyway, there are some really great pictures.  I haven't finished looking through att 1500+ of them yet, but there are two I saw that make me tear up when I look at them.

The first one, is one of my mom and I right before I was going to see Sean for a first look.  My mom had just laced me into my wedding dress and my veil had just been put on.  We're both crying and the photo shows a lot of emotion.

The second photo, is one of my dad and I.  We were both crying.  He had just gotten Charlie to walk down the aisle and we were at the bottom of the stairs waiting for our walk down the aisle. 

I have a lot a pictures I love, but both of these pictures tear at my heartstrings.  Both are very emotional moments with two of the greatest people I know.  I love them both very, very much. 

Anyway, after I finish going through all of the photos I will post a few of a my favorites here.  Going through the photos last night was like re-living our wedding day all over again.  Stay tuned.