Thursday, May 26, 2011

Community Garden Disbanded

Very sad news indeed.  As a group, the community garden organization I have been working have decided as of last night it isn't worth the trouble anymore of trying to organize the garden, at least for this year anyway.  We were told by the district council we've been working with that an extensive soil test (that takes 10 days to get the result of) needed to be done first before the empty lot can be prepped for a community garden.  We were told a soil test was going to be done about 2 months ago. 

Once the soil test results were received, then public works was going to do site preparation.  The empty lot is sloped by natural water erosion, so just removing the sod, plopping a bunch of black dirt in the lowest areas and leveling out the lot would not have been a good idea.  Everything would just naturally erode.  Instead, the gardeners' design plan was to build on top of the grass and work with the natural slope of the land.  The district council didn't really understand that and also wouldn't communicate exactly what public works was going to do for site prep. 

As a group, we decided we just couldn't go forward without knowing what exactly is going to be done.  Also, the fact that it has taken a very long time for the soil test to be completed was concerning because then how long would the site preparation take?  It was all just very unclear, and we decided we just couldn't go on with the project at that specific location.

So now, I am looking for a new place to plant my seedlings.  I think it is a little late in the year for hunting down a place to plant.  Maybe I'll just have to grow a bean plant inside this year.  I wonder how well that will work...  Until then, my green thumb will just have to be patient.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Apartment Gardening.

While being optimistic about having a community garden plot, I've begun planting seedlings.  My favorite thing to grow seems to be yellow bush wax beans because once they sprout, it seems they get instantly huge.  I have already given away a couple bean plants and plan to give away a few more.  Sadly, I don't have any pictures of those -- in this next batch of bean seedlings I'll be sure to take some pictures.

While reading Real Simple magazine, every month they have a feature called "Five new uses for..." and in April's issue it was "Five new uses for eggshells."  One of the five new uses for eggshells is as a seedling starter.  So, I thought I would give it a go.

This is what I started my seeds in -- biodegradable containers that can be planted directly into the ground.  Well, I was thinking the seedlings need to be thinned out soon.  So, I transplanted some of the marigold seedlings into eggshells.

We'll see how this goes.  I'm hoping it works well.  According to the Real Simple article, the eggshells can be planted directly into the soil and the eggshell will decompose and nourish the soil as well.  Right now, the marigold seedlings I transplanted are looking a little droopy.  I gave them some more water so hopefully they'll perk right up in no time.  Maybe we'll get some humidity and then the plants will really take off!  Last week when the weather was pretty humid for a couple of days it seemed like all of the plants really shot up.

The planter Travis gave to me with four types of cherry tomatoes, two types of oregano, parsley, and cilantro are doing well.  Except for the cilantro which I've managed to kill.  I'm not very upset about it though because I think cilantro tastes like feet/body odor.  Sean is the one who wanted the cilantro.  Gross.

This is a random plant I picked up at Ikea.  I can't remember the name of it right now, but it definitely likes its new home in a full-sun window!

The only plant that is not doing very well is the lemon tree.  It looks in pretty rough shape.  I'm still holding out hope, but I have a feeling that hope is going to be crushed real quick.

As you can see, I've been busy with my apartment gardening.  Right now I have some more bean seeds folded in between a wet paper towel to kick start the germination process, they'll be ready to plant tomorrow afternoon.  I will post pictures of the bean seedlings once they sprout.  Have a good night!

Check this out.

Frank Warren, who runs PostSecret, tweeted about this Web site, The Burning House.  People can submit a picture and explanation of the things they would take with them if their house were burning down.  It is quite fascinating.  Check it out!  (Also, check out PostSecret because that is just as fascinating.)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Zoo Fun.

Last weekend Sean and I walked over to Como Zoo and Conservatory for a little mid-morning fun.  The most exciting things we saw were the sleeping kitties and the giraffes. 

If you look closely (or if you click on the picture to make it larger) you will see a sleeping tiger all curled up.  The tiger kind of looks like Captain does when she sleeps, but I think if you were to wake the tiger, it would be a little more upset than Captain is when she is woken up.

No trip to the zoo is complete without seeing the giraffes.  They really are just so beautiful.  I wish I had one for a pet.  Maybe I could pretend the giraffes at Como Zoo are my pets?

Friday, May 13, 2011


Someday I want a puppy like this.  Just look how adorable he is!

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Recipe.

Yesterday at my parents house my mom made caramel rolls for breakfast.  Well, my mom, dad, and I made them up the night before and my mom put them in the oven yesterday to bake.  Somehow, the conversation with Sean about the visit to my parents the caramel rolls came up.  Sean jokingly said something like, "Where's mine?" 

And then today I came across this recipe for cinnamon rolls.  Cinnamon rolls are much better than caramel rolls in my opinion so I decided to test out this recipe after work tonight.  It was kind of time consuming.  There is two rounds of letting the dough rise that take an hour a piece.  I think the time was worth the investment.

This was taken right after I frosted them and the frosting was just in the process of melting.  They look lovely and taste just as great. 

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Think Spring.

I've been told I will have a community garden plot this spring.  I'm slightly skeptical because I don't know if the city of Saint Paul has begun work taking out the grass and bringing black dirt in.  I will find out tonight if work has started yet on my way to the garden meeting. 

I'm still pretty skeptical about it though.  Now as a group we are deciding on a design for the garden.  I really wish we could just get the dirt down, stake out plots, and just go to gardening town.  But, that isn't happening yet and I am starting to get frustrated with it.  If I hadn't of paid for my plot already I would just say, "No thanks," but it's too late for that.  Maybe for next year I will look into finding a plot elsewhere. 

I've been told spring planting goal start date is June 5.  That seems awfully late to me.  Maybe I've just gotten used to hearing about Travis's garden and how early things have been planted there.  (He is a little eager, but I don't blame him -- warm weather makes me want to go out planting too.)

I know, I know.  I'm frustrated with it and shouldn't complain about it.  I know Sean is sick of listening to me complain about not being able to garden.  Maybe in the time spent not gardeing I should figure out what I want to plant.  So far I have yellow bush wax beans, yellow onions, carrots, and marigolds started in a seed starter kit.  (I plan on posting pictures later.) 

I haven't decided what else I want to plant.  Hmm....