Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I know.

I have I have no been blogging.  Lately, it has felt like a chore and I definitely do not like chores.

Let's see what's new in my life.  Bullet list style.

  • I got a new (to me) car last week.  It's a Honda Civic.  I need helping naming it.  It has to start with a "C" and cannot be the name of anyone I know.  I have a few names in mind, but need some other ideas.  Annnnd go!
  • I'm still obsessed with my cat.  Surprise surprise.
  • Last night, Sean and I both were home and actually got to spend some time together.  It was lovely.
  • Today I have the day off since I worked last Saturday.  It's been nice.
  • I'm thinking about cutting a few inches off of my hair for the summer.  I do this every stinking year.  I want long hair, but then I don't.  So indecisive.
 That's about all I know right now.  Maybe I'll post more?  Who knows at this point.