Wednesday, July 22, 2009


At 4 o'clock this afternoon, my mini summer vacation begins. Yay! I don't work at the Advance-Press and Solar Drive-In until Monday. Ahh.. breathing a sigh of relief.

Today the fun begins with my parents and I driving to Travis and Becky's in Winona. Then, tomorrow it shall be an joyous day spent with the fam at the Wisconsin Dells. I know I'm definitely looking forward to some much-needed fun in the sun.

Then, we drive home from the Dells tomorrow night. Friday morning, I quick write my story about Trav's garden, head to Brookings. On my way through Springfield, stop in the office and leave my story and photo there. Then, it's off to Brookings I go! I am so excited to see my friends. We'll spend Friday at the pool with Courtney and Landon and whoever else decides to show up. Friday night, go out with the boys--a.k.a. Cal and Eric, and then spend Saturday seeing everyone I want to see.

Sunday, is the church festival. I don't have any work related things to think about, well almost.

Happy Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't it FUN!