Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall-ish weather.

It has already snowed a bit, but didn't last very long on the ground. The weather has gotten colder. I do not like this. I guess I shouldn't complain. I lived in this type of weather all 21 years of my life. That doesn't make me like it anymore, though.

I've been knitting coasters lately--well actually since I've been back at school. Usually once I finish one I give it away. Here's a picture of two that I've kept for me. I'm working on making more to have a complete set. I'm also working on a scarf that I'll post once it's done.

My friend Andy Jensen brought me a couple small pumpkins (gourds actually but that's besides the point...) and in spirit of Halloween and fall, here's a not-very-good picture.

Happy Monday!

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The Lingens said...

I like the pumpkins! Where is my coaster?!?