Monday, October 15, 2012

New Calorie Counting App: My Fitness Pal.

Last week, I started using a different calorie counting app on my iPod touch.  I began using My Fitness Pal.  I'm pretty much in love.

I used to use the LoseIt! app.  I've used that one on and off in college and more so over the last year.  I'm going to do a little list bullet style to communicate my thoughts on both apps.  These are simply my opinions and they probably differ from someone else. 

My Fitness Pal:
  • More user friendly.  I also like the web based program as well.
  • There are more brand name foods listed in the database.
  • The barcode scanner actually works.  Huge difference from LoseIt!.
  • Once all food and exercise have been entered for a day, I click a "complete this entry" button and it says if I keep eating and exercising the same as I did that day, I would weigh X amount in 5 weeks.  That makes me think about my long term goals.
  • Recipes can be created, just like in LoseIt!.
  • There's really nothing I haven't liked about it - yet.
  • I've used it for years.
  • It has a better looking web based program, but looks don't matter all that much.
I couldn't think of anything else for LoseIt! - obviously.  I'm happy I made the switch.  I've been religiously entering everything since last week and I'm loving it.  This is something new that has kickstarted me back into lifestyle change gear. 

I apologize for my lack of posting.  There hasn't been much going on since the wedding, so not very much to blog about.  I'll try to do better! 

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