Monday, September 23, 2013


  • It takes your mother commenting on a blog post to get you writing again.
  • I feel like I don't have very much to write about.  
  • I'm happy with a hair cut, but mostly I'm not.  I think I'm too picky and maybe expect too much?  No, wait.  I expect punctuality and I did not receive that this evening for my hair cut.  I don't even know why I bother with my current (perhaps old?) salon.
  • It takes me 25 years to figure out a fundamental personality trait.  Sean recently pointed out to me that I am a "rule follower" and it has just blown my mind.  I did not know this about myself and he so easily pointed it out.  When I tell people this, they are not surprised at all because they already knew it.  Why didn't anyone tell me this how much of a rule follower I am?
  • I want to lay in bed all day and snuggle with my kitten.
  • Most days I have a very strong desire to be busy doing stuff.  Mostly trivial things I think.
  • I rock at flossing daily.  I've only missed a handful of nights since my dentist appointment in July.  My dentist should be excited about my gum health.
  • I struggle with reading things right in front of my face.  Hopefully my new glasses that will be coming in a week and a half or so will help with this.
  • I am thankful daily for the amazing job I have.  I'm thankful for the happiness that it has given me and major stress reduction.
  • I write blog posts about absolutely nothing.  
And sometimes, this is a synopsis of my life recently.


Anonymous said...

I know you were a rule follower cause I am. Keep up with the rules or you will be kicked out of our secret, special club. Now don't tell anyone about it.. Dad

The Lingens said...

I don't think you write about nothing. It is all riveting. I am a little bummed about not being in the secret club with you and Dad. Or no I am not because club members have an off center sense of humor. :)