Monday, July 20, 2015

A change

I should probably fill you all in on a change I have made. I enjoy blogging here, but I feel this blog really had no purpose other than to fill you in on the goings-on in my life.

I have missed writing as it is a hobby that I do really enjoy. I felt like I had nothing to actually write about and no real theme. The light bulb went off and I found something I enjoy writing about and have been interested in for years.

I have started a beauty and lifestyle blog, The Spotted Poppy. You can click on the link to be taken to my Web site. I've kept this idea and blog under wraps for a bit as I was nervous to tell anyone about it. I finally mentioned it to Sean and shortly thereafter mentioned it to a friend and both were extremely supportive. I thought up a name, bought the web domain, and began designing.

I don't know how much I will be posting here anymore, but feel free to follow along and bookmark The Spotted Poppy. I'm really excited about it as I was looking for something else in my life as a hobby and maybe professionally down the road that is much more fulfilling.

Your support is appreciated.

Until next time...

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The Lingens said...

Good luck with your new adventure. I love reading your writing. You have a wonderful style.