Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Well... I am ashamed. I have not posted since December and I'm sorry!
I have been harassed by a few *ahem* people. They know who they are.

New in my life:
Job searching.
Graduating college in 31 days from tomorrow.
Moving to the Twin Cities.
Apartment hunting.
Did I mention I'm graduating? I'm almost in the "real" world.

I think I am going to go and watch Casablanca. Maybe I will fall asleep later during the movie than I did last night. Good night world, see your pretty face tomorrow!

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The Wistes said...

Yeah for you! It'll be fun to see you guys all again so soon and it will be fun to have you so close to us, Auntie Kali. (I'm serious about the train, you have to try it at least once and we'll put you up for the weekend. Maybe during Shakespeare in the Park- you'd probably really like that.)I hope you do have more time to blog- we like keeping better track of you.

~Becky (and Trav in spirit)