Sunday, April 11, 2010

Note to self.

Never go to HyVee when there is a massive sale, at 10:30 a.m., and when you are hungry. Mostly, don't go there when there is a HUGE sale.

I learned this the hard way.

Saturday morning. I wake up, wanting some breakfast. No milk for cereal or oatmeal. No bread for toast. I could have eaten saltine crackers, but decided against it. Instead... I went grocery shopping. As I was pulling out the of the parking lot, I heard an ad on the radio for a sale at HyVee. It discussed strawberries for $1.38 a package. Strawberries sounded fantastic at the time. So, instead of going to Wal-Mart like originally planned, I went to HyVee.

Boy, was that a bad idea. Not only was parking a problem, but even walking into the store had a few close calls. Driving vehicles not yielding for pedestrians = very unsafe for me walking. There was trouble getting a small cart for my few groceries. There were so many people. I dislike grocery shopping anyway, and with a million people randomly stopping in front of me, made me hate it even more. I got a few non-refrigerated items and then booked it out of dodge.

Next, I went to Wal-Mart to get milk and a yogurt. Also a bad idea. Wal-Mart was just as busy. Also, almost got hit by two cars. 'Twas lovely.

After a long 45 minutes of grocery shopping, I said, "This is enough," and needed to leave. When I got home, I looked over my very random purchases:
-dill pickle spears
-Wheat Thins
-Laughing Cow cheese
-yogurt (two flavors)
-canned corn

Good thing I won't be grocery shopping by myself for much longer. Desperately need some help/supervision.

Good night!

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