Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The garden last week.

Notice the field of tomatoes in the back. Much larger now.

A perfect sunflower.
Gardening is one of my newest favorite things now.  Just look at that sunflower!  It's beautiful.  Last night, Sean and I saw there are more sunflowers blooming now and it is more beautiful than this.

I can't wait to harvest some tomatoes.  Also, I am looking forward to picking the last tomatoes on a plant and then pulling the plant out of the ground to make more room.  The huge tomato bush (20 tomato plants all leaving on each other and making one collective plant) is getting kind of annoying.  I'm ready to harvest.  Clearly, I'm a little too eager. 

Last night while I was watering, Sean pulled out the last of my pea plants.  He picked all the pods of the plants for me to save for next year's pea crop.  We didn't harvest a ton of peas, mostly because I only planted eight or ten plants.  Next year though, I have big plans for the pea.  I also have big tomato plans, but that's a whole different blog post. 

Please note the bug on the sunflower leaf in the lower left corner of the picture.  So everyone knows, it was a real ladybug and NOT an Asian beetle.  It was beautiful, just like the sunflower.  It was bright red (not brown red or orange tinted).  That ladybug reminded me of visiting Grandma and Grandpa McKenzie during the summer.  Grandma would give me a jar to collect ladybugs and I'm talking real ladybugs, before the Asian beetles.  Anyway, on the north side (I think...) of their house had an area that moss would grow.  In that moss I could also find bright pink colored ladybugs.  They were fantastic.  In the jar I would get from Grandma, someone would help me poke holes in the lid so air could get in there.  I would put leaves, grass, and small twigs in the jar as well.  I don't remember how long the ladybugs would live like that, but this memory is starting to get foggy.  I can't remember if Travis ever collected ladybugs either. 

Anyway, the point of the story was the ladybug I saw last week made me a bit nostalgic.  That is all.
How is your garden doing?

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