Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Riddle me this.

Riddle me this internet.  How do you break up with a hairstylist but keep going to the same salon?

I love the salon I go to.  It keeps my Ulta Rewards points up and I can stay a platinum member, therefore my points don't expire.  But.  I want to switch to a different stylist.  I used to rave about my stylist and about how I LOVED how he cut my hair.  But lately...?  Not so much.

I haven't been loving the fact that my appointment ALWAYS starts a half an hour later than it's scheduled.  I haven't been loving the fact that even though I've said over and over that I don't like a lot of layers in my hair because it makes it poof up and then I can't throw it in a ponytail when I need to, I still get freaking layers in my hair.  Annnnnnddd, no matter how many times I correct him on how to say my name, he always gets it wrong.  I understand it can be tricky.  I've lived with being called the wrong name for at least 20 of the 25 years of my life, but after two plus years... Annoying and frustrating.  

Someone, please help me.  I'm past the point of trying to make it work and now I know I just want to go to a different stylist.  I don't like awkward conversations, so I don't really want to just tell him that I want to go to someone else.  I've cancelled two of my last appointments because I've been putting this off.

So, what do you suggest?


BeccakBecca said...

I thing:
1) He probably won't notice. He doesn't sound like the most aware person.
2) If he does see you, say that you have been really busy lately and he wasn't available and needed an appt asap.
3) He probably won't remember you by the time you come back. Or if he does, he won't bring it up.

This really just avoids the problem but that's what I would do!

BeccakBecca said...
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Anonymous said...

Well let me put it this way, i still remember when you cut my hair and I lived with it under my hat so now I will repay you. I owe you a hair cut. My stool in the garage is open so when you come down I will get out my old trusty-rusty scissors and do the job just like you did. Fair is Fair, love you always Dad

The Lingens said...

You should talk to the manager and tell them how you love the store and rewards but want a new stylist. Tell them that you want someone that LISTENS and is ON TIME. Ask them to recommend someone with those qualities so that you can stay at the salon and be a satisified customer. ML

Katie Vanden Busch said...

Are open for appointments on Tuesdays? He doesn't work on Tuesdays :)