Friday, March 8, 2013


This is an incredibly sweet song.  Have a listen.  Overwhelmed by Tim McMorris.  It's on a Sam Adams commercial.  If I had known about this song it definitely would have been a first dance song contender.

Speaking of wedding, let's have a little flash back shall we?  I have hundreds of pictures and I like looking at them from time to time on my computer.  The above song makes me want to look at wedding pictures because it makes me think of Sean.

This was taken right after our first look.  I had noticed Sean forgot to take a tag off of him suit jacket.  So, I removed it but he had to hold my flowers.  Someone was talking to us as well.  This candid picture is just so us.

I think this picture is hilarious.  I'm giving Sean a look.  In the sequence of these photos, it goes from this look to a smiling picture.  It's entertaining they captured this moment.  Sean and I are just walking along, dressed up, completely normal Friday afternoon (not).

And for cute factor, Charlie and Lilly.  Adorable.

Have a nice weekend!


The Wistes said...

Love :)

Anonymous said...

Hey it looks warm in the pic's. I think I was there that day. Have a nice nite. Love DAD