Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I read an interesting article the other day on Apartment Therapy.

Have you heard of that site? It's pretty awesome. I follow them on Pinterest as well. Anyway, I was perusing my Pinterest feed the other day and found this article, "Why keeping only the clothes that 'spark joy' is magical" and found it be very interesting.

The idea is, when sorting through clothing, keep only the things that truly bring you joy should be kept. I find this idea such a good one and also very genius. While reading the article I was even thinking about the drawers of clothing that I'm going to go through and what to keep and what to get rid of. Mentally, I've begun applying this to not only clothing, but also everything else in our apartment.

Even my beloved Pyrex is getting this treatment. I don't want to collect Pyrex just to collect ALL THE PYREX, but want to have things I actually really love. I thought I would share because I think it an interesting philosophy.

Have a good night!