Thursday, May 26, 2011

Community Garden Disbanded

Very sad news indeed.  As a group, the community garden organization I have been working have decided as of last night it isn't worth the trouble anymore of trying to organize the garden, at least for this year anyway.  We were told by the district council we've been working with that an extensive soil test (that takes 10 days to get the result of) needed to be done first before the empty lot can be prepped for a community garden.  We were told a soil test was going to be done about 2 months ago. 

Once the soil test results were received, then public works was going to do site preparation.  The empty lot is sloped by natural water erosion, so just removing the sod, plopping a bunch of black dirt in the lowest areas and leveling out the lot would not have been a good idea.  Everything would just naturally erode.  Instead, the gardeners' design plan was to build on top of the grass and work with the natural slope of the land.  The district council didn't really understand that and also wouldn't communicate exactly what public works was going to do for site prep. 

As a group, we decided we just couldn't go forward without knowing what exactly is going to be done.  Also, the fact that it has taken a very long time for the soil test to be completed was concerning because then how long would the site preparation take?  It was all just very unclear, and we decided we just couldn't go on with the project at that specific location.

So now, I am looking for a new place to plant my seedlings.  I think it is a little late in the year for hunting down a place to plant.  Maybe I'll just have to grow a bean plant inside this year.  I wonder how well that will work...  Until then, my green thumb will just have to be patient.

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