Saturday, June 18, 2011

I have... tomatoes!  Four of them to be exact, with plenty of other blossoms on the way.

Just look at the tiny little tomatoes.  They get bigger every day.  These blooms are from the largest tomato plant in the pot, it's huge.  According to the labels Travis put on the planter, it is a Sunbold tomato plant.  Like I said, it is huge.

This picture isn't very good, but you can tell all four tomato plants have gotten big.  They're even taller now.  The tallest one is about 3/4 the way up to the top of the window.  The day it reaches the top of the window I'm going to be worried, or thrilled.  All four of the tomato plants are well over the top of the wire support, with the shortest one about 12 inches taller than the wire.

Here's the rest of the "jungle" as Sean calls it.  I can't imagine what people think when they see all of these plants in the window, but I don't really care.  I like the plants there, they make me happy.  I like planting a seed and watching how it sprouts and then what it grows into.  For example, the marigolds I planted that were tiny in a previous post now are quite bushy.  The flowers began to bloom a couple days ago.

I'm happy I got my green thumb from my father.  I usually let him know when something exciting has happened with my plants.  Tomorrow for Father's Day I'm headed to Sleepy Eye to go fishing with my dad.  Hopefully, we don't get rained out.  I know there's a chance of storms here this afternoon so hopefully it happens today and not tomorrow.  Have a good day and weekend!

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