Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wedding Stuff Update

I received my bridal shower invitation in the mail yesterday.  I'm really looking forward to it next weekend.  Like whoa, time is flying.  The wedding is nine weeks away.  Whoa. 

The RSVPs have been flowing in.  One of my favorite parts of the day is getting the mail to see how many RSVPs and who they're from.  I got the RSVP mom, thanks for mailing it even though I know you are coming. :)  I like the little notes that have been written on them.  Charlie was allowed to color on the RSVP before sending it back.  It is now hanging out our fridge since it is Charlie artwork. 

On Tuesday we got Sean's grandma and grandpa's RSVP.  Their name was on it, but they forgot to mark accept or decline.  Of course, we know they are going to be there.  I thought it was cute. 

Some things on my wedding to do list:
  • Pew decorations
  • Work on DJ music sheet for the reception - sent back by the end of June
  • Figure out candles for the reception tables (pretty much done, I just need to buy the candles)
  • Wedding programs - can't be done until right before the wedding
  • Decide on ceremony music - a task for this weekend
  • Finish making card box - requires power tools so I'll need my dad's help on this
I know there is more on my list, but my mind is blanking right now. 

What's new with you?  Are you going to be working on any special projects this weekend?

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