Monday, June 11, 2012

Fat smash diet thoughts and feelings.

I've been on the Fat Smash Diet for the last week or so.  I started in phase 1 with lists of foods I can and cannot eat. 

My thoughts on this diet:
  • Diets are silly.  I would rather be calorie counting.
  • This experience re-affirmed why I want to lose weight.  Last Tuesday, I weighed myself for the first time in over a month.  The scale was up (no surprise there) and starting the Fat Smash Diet sounded great.  The next day, I was already down some weight.  I felt great.  But then there was a potluck at work and foods I couldn't eat.
  • Basically, I'll be using what I learned while doing this.  Mostly though, I'm going to be more conscious of the foods I'm eating - like I was in the beginning. 
I'm hoping back on the lifestyle change horse.  Are you with me?


The Wistes said...

YAY! Your back, I was waiting for you. Now I best get back to blogging (and running, its been a week). ~Becky

Kali said...

Yes! Blogging! Post some more pictures. See you on Saturday!