Sunday, March 27, 2011

Have a good week!

I noticed this afternoon my flowers I posted a picture of yesterday have had another seed sprout. I think I planted them about three or four weeks ago and the seed packet had said germination was 15-21 days. I was worried nothing was going to sprout, but thankfully little tiny green sprouts have broken through. It makes me think of spring. :)

I ordered a dwarf lemon tree online after reading about how to successfully grow dwarf citrus trees indoors in Martha Stewart Living. It should arrive in two to three weeks. I can't wait. My older brother Travis was talking about his interest in a dwarf fruit tree, but there just isn't enough room in Trav and Becky's house, especially with Charlie learning how to move around. Travis, I will keep you updated as to how well the tree does. Apparently it is supposed to bear fruit in 12-18 months. Maybe you will be able to get a tree depending on my success with it...?

Have a good week everyone!

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The Lingens said...

Don't you have to have 7 dwarf trees and one sleeping beauty? - ML