Thursday, March 31, 2011

Test run.

I tried some new hair dye tonight. Target had the new Clairol foam hair color. It is the same usual dark brown/almost black color. I liked it, but it definitely was stronger smelling that the Clairol Natural Instincts I usually use. I enjoyed the convenience of the foam, but I don't know if the stronger smell is worth it. The color did turn out nice though, and I feel like it used less hair color to cover all of my hair.

This weekend Sean and I are headed to Sleepy Eye. My mom has a bunch of boxes we can use for packing and I need to pick them up. Also, my car is in need of an oil change that Sean and my father are going to do. I'm looking forward to seeing the parents, and of course Captain. I can't wait to pick her up and squeeze her. :)

Well, it's the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. It's dramatic, so I'm going to go back to watching it. Have a good night!


The Wistes said...

Your hair always looks awesome! Trav and I (and Charlie, too, I'm sure) are looking forward to seeing you several times in April. Trav has lots of advice for gardening, so is hoping your Community Garden pulls through. We're sure you are the perfect person to help organize it, anyways.

The Lingens said...

Baby Llama...Captain does NOT want to be squeezed. She is not some lemon from a dwarf tree. Mama

Kali Lingen said...

Captain does too want to be picked up and squeezed just a little bit. Becky, I'm excited to see you guys too!!