Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Have you heard of Birchbox?

No?  Okay.  Let's discuss.  I call it Netflix for beauty products, except you totally don't have to return anything.  It's $10 per month, or you can pay for a whole year, or smaller increments as gifts.  I had heard about Birchbox a couple years ago and didn't give it two seconds of thought in my brain.  I thought it was a fantastic idea, but never got around to looking into it more or signing up for it.

A few weeks ago I was reading The Small Things Blog and she talked about the Birchbox she received.  Birchbox stuck in my mind for a few days this time and I went to their website and signed up for the waiting list.  I'm not quite sure why they have a waiting list, but I'm pretty sure it's so it seems like they are an exclusive thing which makes people want it more.  Some psychological crap like that.

Anyway, last night I got the email that I have 72 hours to sign up for my subscription.  I got really excited and then started Sean about it.  There may have been a few eye rolls from him, but I can't be 100% sure.  I signed up for it and can't wait to get my first box!  It's supposed to ship out in a few days, so I will do a follow up post when I get it. 

They also have a men's Birchbox that is a bit more expensive, most likely because there's not a ton of dudes into it.  I love this idea, most likely because I love trying new beauty products.  This allows me to try new things in a smaller size without having to commit to it and find out I don't love it later.  If I love it, this may be my go-to birthday gift for the ladies in my life. 

What are your thoughts?

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