Sunday, April 14, 2013

Friday Favorites.

... on Sunday.  Whoops.

1. The Masters.  Call me a nerd, whatever I don't care.  I love watching golf on TV.  This is my super bowl.

2. I would like to get a sewing machine soon.  There's a lot of projects and ideas from Pinterest I have pinned, but without a sewing machine it's kind of pointless.

3. I picked up my wedding dress this week after it had been cleaned and preserved.  It looks brand new!  Seriously, this lady is amazing.  Karen at Wedding Gown Care Specialist did a fantastic job.  There were marks from my spray tan rubbing off from sweat on the inside of the bodice which are no longer there.  The hem of my dress was quite dirty (she said she thought it looked cleaner than most!) and that all came out.  The grass stain on a bottom strip of organza is gone.  Like I said, she was amazing and it took less than two weeks.  I highly recommend her!

4. My mom called me letting me know she found a vintage suitcase so I can make this for Boots.  I'm so excited!  It's so cute and I think/hope she is going to love it!

5.  With spring here, even though it's snowing and doesn't feel like spring at all, I've taken on some spring cleaning projects.  I cleaned and organized three closets and under our bed.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and really love it!  I will have to get some washi tape from Amazon sometime and start doing that.  I love it because washi tape peels off easily and can be moved around, so if your schedule changes, it's easy to move things and still look nice and neat.

How was your weekend?


The Lingens said...

I have some of that tape. You can get it when you get your suitcase. ML

The Wistes said...

Find a coupon when you decide on your sewing machine- I saved $100 on mine. Also, Winona does have a nice sewing machine shop. The guy's pretty great at helping you pick a machine out if you need help, and you get a free class on how to use it. Machines have gotten FANCY(I learned on my Mom's machine, and hers was similar to your Mom's). ~Becky