Thursday, October 14, 2010

Body Builder Baby.

Last Saturday, Sean and I visited Travis and Becky in Winona. Which, of course, meant spending time with Charlie. He is the cutest baby and best little nephew I have. Well, he is the only nephew I have, but the best nonetheless, so far.

This Saturday, two days from now, Sean and I are going to visit my parents. Trav and Becky will be there as well. Also, various friends and family will be there to visit with Charlie and the proud parents. Two Saturdays seeing Charlie in a row is exciting.

On another note, the Minnesota Wild are playing their first home game tonight in St. Paul. In light of that, I took a picture of Melvin who is quite excited for the game.

Sorry for the horrible picture quality, I took it with my cell phone. Have a great night!

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