Monday, October 25, 2010

Visiting Family.

Sean and I went to Sleepy Eye to visit my parents the past two weekends. We had fun both weekends.

The first weekend Travis, Becky, and Charlie were also there. Seeing those three is always fun and exciting. It is cool to see how much Charlie has changed within a few weeks. He is growing so big now! And of course, he has gets cuter every time I see the little guy.

Last weekend, my mom and I went to two craft fairs while Sean and my dad went to an auction and hooked up the computer to the TV wirelessly. The craft fairs were interesting. I then had a dream about going to a craft fair. (Strange.)

Another strange thing that happened was Captain sat on the back of the couch, right behind Sean. She willingly sat there. She didn't hiss or growl at him either. Just sat there and occasionally stared at the back of his head. It was weird. She must be getting used to him being around. Apparently, as Sean says, they have an understanding. She doesn't mess with him and he doesn't mess with her. I like messing with her, because I know deep down she likes me. :)

Both weekends in a row, Sean and I only planned on staying until Saturday night, but ended up staying until Sunday morning to spend more time there. It doesn't take too long to drive back home either, so we made it back in time for Sean to work Sunday.

This weekend, Sean and I aren't going anywhere. We are staying inside the metro area. We've traveled somewhere for the past three weekends and are staying put this weekend, which will be nice.

Have a great week everyone!

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