Sunday, October 30, 2011


Yesterday was the Monster Dash 5K.  I'm disappointed about it.  Let me tell you about it in more detail.

This is Katie, myself, and Christa pre-5K.  We were Sideline Superheroes for the costume contest.  Our costumes looked pretty awesome, but the metallic leggings were not good to run in.  They were falling down so much -- which is the cause of my disappointment.

Stupidly, we didn't do a test run in the leggings.  If we had, we never would have worn them.  Within the first 10 steps of the 5K, I knew the next 3.1 miles were going to be absolutely horrible.  The leggings were falling down.  I couldn't run because the leggings would fall down and I was afraid my ass was going to start hanging out.  I guess one good thing is that our glittery capes covered that up.  But, I spent the entire time pulling up the leggings and pulling my shirt down.  I tried running, but I would take about 10 steps and the leggings would be back falling down again.  I ended up power walking the entire thing, except for the last .1 mile.

This is the medal we got after the race.  I don't feel like I earned it at all because I didn't want to walk the whole thing.  I wanted to run it and beat my previous 5K time, but because of the stupid leggings, I couldn't run without them falling down to the point where my t-shirt wouldn't cover it anymore.  I'm upset with myself that I didn't know the leggings were a bad idea.  I'm upset I wasn't able to run the 5K.  I spent the entire time walking faster and faster, hiking up my pants every 20 feet, hoping I would get close to my previous 5K time. 

It probably would have been easier to run in jeans than those leggings...

Sorry for sounding like I'm beating myself up over this, but I'm really disappointed and upset about the whole thing.  I'm not looking for a pity party right now, I just really wanted to vent.  So, right now the medal is hanging on the wall above my desk, but it is not a medal I am proud of. 

That part is really sad because I was most excited about the medal for this 5K. 


Katie Vanden Busch said...

Don't let yourself be disappointed over the things you could not control. Those pants were just a straight-up BAD idea (what were we thinking?!?). Look how far you've come so far, Kali, and just keep your eyes on where you are headed!

Andy said...

Oh Kali at least you tried your level best effort in running all over the 5-K. well better luck next time never use a legging with a try. May be it same experience f trying a new taxi service or sitting in a orlando shuttle

The Wistes said...

Hey, Sometimes you have to suffer for fashion. You looked awesome. ~Becky