Friday, October 7, 2011

Have an abnormally large carrot? Make cake.

Hi!  Hello there.  How was your week?  I hope it turned out just how you wanted it to.

Want to see what I did this week?  Let me show you!

First, I was visiting my parents and was able to watch the yearly garden competition judging.  This year, my dad blew my brother out of the water with his huge carrots. I'm pretty sure my dad grows vegetables on steroids.

So, I went home with this carrot.

Isn't it huge?  What do you do with one giant carrot?  Well make carrot cake of course!

First, grating of all the carrot commenced.  By the way, finally bought a box grater from Ikea.  And, I love it.

Gotta mix all the dry ingredients together.

Gather all the wet ingredients together.

Now comes time to combine!

Stir, stir, stir.

Doesn't look appetizing.  Don't think about the batter, but instead about the deliciousness carrot cake is.

Prepare for frosting.  Don't ask, I like taking pictures of random things.  Don't judge me.

Creamed butter and white chocolate.  I don't even like white chocolate and I love this frosting.  

Time to add powdered sugar.  Just about done with the frosting.

Stupidly, I didn't take any pictures after the cake/cupcakes were completed.  Silly me.  You will just have to take my word on how delicious it turned out.

I slightly modified the recipe for carrot cake from Better Homes and Gardens.  I wanted to stick with a basic recipe for carrot cake.  I didn't want any orange or pineapple in it or other crap like that.  Gross.  I made white chocolate frosting that can be found here.  I love this frosting. 

Seriously, try the frosting.


Katie Vanden Busch said...

I can attest to the deliciousness that was the carrot cake!!!

The Lingens said...

I like how you place liks on the blog.