Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Favorites.

Let's jump right in, shall we?

1. I forgot to mention that I found a BETTER sewing machine at Goodwill.  A couple weeks ago, I stopped in and saw it with a $24.99 price tag on it.  More than I wanted to spend.  Then, last week I went in and it was still there along with another one.  There was no price tag on the one I had wanted a few weeks prior.  Sad face.  So, I asked an employee how much it is.  She verified no one else in the store was buying it and then slapped a $9.99 price tag on it, the same as the one right next to it on the shelf.  Lovely!  I did have to order a power cord off Ebay, but it works like a dream.  I donated the first one I found back to Goodwill over the weekend.

It's  Necchi 4575

2.  I made curtains for our guest room out of the lovely table runners Barbara, my mother-in-law, made for our wedding.  One of the first wedding things I pinned on Pinterest was of some beautiful fabric that I love.  I took two table runners and sewed them together.  Very basic curtains, but I love the fabric so much and I'm happy to have it hanging up in our home.  Picture shown below.  The left curtain is tucked back so Boots can sit on the dresser and look out the window.  She watches cat T.V. every morning while I get ready for work.

Kind of dark, but you get the idea.

3.  I'm totally turning a pair of too short pants into capris this weekend.  It will be lovely!

4.  I just got the mail and the Pyrex Barbara was mailing to me arrived.  So exciting!

5.  I'm looking forward to Saturday -- tomorrow.  I have some gardening (weeding, thinning out plants) to do so hopefully the rain will hold off for at least a couple hours.  It's been raining so much!  I don't mind because I haven't had to water my garden very much, but I'd like for it to actually be sunny outside and have blue skies.

What are you up to this weekend?


Anonymous said...

When you thin the beets, thin them out really good and the ones you leave take and snip the leaves off for a nice spring salad. with love your father (HEE HEE)

The Wistes said...

I like the curtains; good first project! Trav was also impressed ~Becky

The Lingens said...

Very domestic Mrs. Collins! ML