Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Favorite Pyrex.

I have a little piece of vintage Pyrex that is my favorite.  It's just a little guy.

Friendship pattern Cinderella Round Casserole #473 - 1 quart

I just love it!

There are a few scratches on the red and orange pattern, but this is by far my favorite Pyrex pattern.  I love the little birds and I love the design.  The clear lid of mine looks like someone had put in the the dishwasher a few times, or used something too abrasive to clean it.  The design on the lid is a bit faded. 

It isn't in perfect condition, but I'm okay with that.  Not everything that is 40 plus years old is in perfect condition.  This is the first piece of Pyrex I found last fall at the Goodwill closest to our apartment.  I used to say that I never found Pyrex at that Goodwill, but now that isn't true.  I found two more pieces yesterday that I will show you soon. 

Anyway, now I've shared my favorite Pyrex pattern and piece in my possession.  I hope you all have a glorious Sunday!


The Lingens said...

The bowl is very cute. And your comment about things over 40... well, well, need I say I concur. ML

The Wistes said...

Ha ha, that's funny. Its fun to see your Pyrex collection grow- looking forward to seeing your new pieces. ~Becky