Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Goodwill finds.

Hey!  I've had a few fantastic Goodwill finds in the past week.  Last weekend, I found two pieces of Pyrex in excellent condition (more on that later).  Last night, Sean and I found a sewing machine. 

Remember a couple weeks ago I talked about getting serious about finding a sewing machine?  We found one, well Sean found it first.  It was only $14.99 at Goodwill and that is a win in my book.  It's a 1968 Singer Fashion Mate model 237.  We got it home and plugged it in.  I got it all threaded.  Sean had one of his gloves for biking that had a hole in the side that I needed to fix. 

Then, a weird noise started.  At first is sounded like it was shorting out electricly.  After careful inspection by Sean, he thinks it something with the belt and/or motor.  He did a little research and since the motor in on the outside of the machine, it is easy to replace the motor.  There is a sewing machine repair shop in Roseville that I'm going to take it to tonight and get an estimate on what is going on and what the cost is to fix it.  Then, we'll decide if we're going to put the money in to fix it or return it to Goodwill (we have until next Tuesday to return it). 

We'll see what's going to happen!  The sewing machine saga continues...

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The Wistes said...

Who knows, maybe it will be an easy fix and just needs a tune-up. I'm excited to see what new Pyrex you found! ~Becky