Friday, July 26, 2013

Five Things on Friday.

1.  I had a pretty fantastic morning.  Sleeping in until 7 a.m. will do that to you.  I'll know more in a few weeks if this morning was as great and I thought it was.  Half work days for the win.

2.  There's been a few random rain shower down pours today.  I love it.  It's sunny outside and then the next minute it's slightly gray and pouring.  It really is beautiful weather.

3.  I colored my hair this week.  Instead of blonde, I'm back to dark brown.  It's a change, but it feels good to be "me" again.

4.  Sean has the weekend off of work, so tomorrow we're going to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market with a couple friends.  I'm definitely looking forward to it!

5. Oh!  I did a bunch of gardening last weekend and I need to take pictures.  I'll probably get over there sometime this weekend and if I remember to bring my camera, I'll take some pictures.

I'm sorry this is boring with no pictures this week.  It's been a busy and hectic day thus far.  What are you doing this weekend?  Anything exciting?

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