Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Garden update.

Well, it looks like the community garden is for sure happening this summer.  St. Paul's Public Works are supposed to start taking out the grass, fill and making the lot somewhat level, and dumping black dirt for garden use next week.  This week they're doing a soil test so we know what kind of things we'll be working with.  After the city does their work, we can then start designing the layout of the whole lot.  Our plots are going to be 5 feet by 8 feet, roughly.  I'm getting excited about the garden. 

It will be a nice stress reliever/hobby during the summer.  Also, it will be nice to have a reason to be outside a lot.  After the long and snow abundant winter we've had, I can't wait to get outside.  Speaking of that, moving day is coming up quickly.  This is the last week I will be driving to work.  It will be a short walk to work and I'm excited about the exercise and the saving of the money with gas prices going up. 

Well, I suppose, I'm getting tired.  I know it's only 9:30, but after all I am 86 at heart and should have gone to sleep a while ago. 

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