Friday, April 8, 2011


Thank goodness it's Friday!  It seems like it has been an especially long week.  Or maybe, I am just imagining it, but I think the weeks just seem to fly by. 

Plan for the weekend:
  • Packing.  A lot of packing.  My plan is to pack pretty much everything but the essentials. 
  • Plan out meals for next week so I know exactly what kitchen stuff I can pack.  Sean and I will probably be eating microwave meals all next week. (Joking hopefully...)
  • Do laundry, a necessary evil.
  • Clean the apartment.  Not a deep clean like we have to do once everything is moved and at the new place, but a weekly cleaning to make deep cleaning not so horrible.
  • Enjoy the spring weather by having the window and balcony door open and getting some fresh air in the apartment.
  • Post a picture of my lemon tree here. 
  • Name my lemon tree.  Sean suggested Leon the lemon tree.  I'm still debating.  If you know me at all, you know I name everything important.  For example:
    • Gary is my car
    • Melvin the moose and Raffy the giraffe, very important stuffed animals.
    • Earl my iPod.
    • Boris my laptop.
    • I'm blanking on other names other things, but I know I have them.
It looks like I have a very busy weekend ahead of me!  Have a good day!

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