Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rainy days.

It's April in Minnesota, and you know what that means.  The weather is all over the place.  While walking to and from work today it was snowing.  (Snowing more in the morning, but flurries are enough to make me angry at the end of April.)  Along with the snow has been the rain.  Oh joy.  I can't remember what I despise more -- rain or snow.  I think I hate both of them equally.  Scratch that, I definitely dislike the rain more.  It like the snow the first few snowfalls, and then after that, it is just annoying.  But this flip-flopping weather is getting old real fast.  Apparently Friday it is supposed to be in the 60s and sunny.  Thank goodness, I was beginning to think the sky is permanently grey.

Lemon tree update.  All the leaves the tree came with have fallen off.  There were three of them, but slowly they have shriveled up and died.  On the bright side, there are new shoots coming out of the main stem.  There is one stem that is about to open up (I hope).

Well, I made some banana bread and I better go check on it.  Enjoy the last few days of April!  I hope it is sunnier for you than it is for me.

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The Lingens said...

Banana bread sounds yummy. I think you make it more often than I do. ML