Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lemon tree!

Well, as you can see, I have a baby lemon tree!  If you look closely, right below the leaves is lighter green growth.  That wasn't there when I got my tree seedling which means the tree is growing!  I would hope so since I fertilized it, have a grow light, and give it some tender loving care.  I still haven't named the tree yet though.  Something will come to me.  Currently it is sitting in the sink with the light clamped to the bottom lip of a cupboard.  Obviously, it will be couple years before lemons will be produced, but this is a start.  At the new apartment it will be able to sit in a window.  It needs at least 8 hours of light from a south facing window and currently only have east facing windows.  All three windows in the new place face south.  I will post more pictures as times goes on and my tree gets bigger. 


The Lingens said...

Except for Boris you really don't have any ethnic names. I think something Italian (since lemoncello is made there) or perhaps Spanish (since you studied it and went to Mexico.)

The Wistes said...

Ooo. I am totally going to have KT reccomend an Italian name. ~Becky

Kali Lingen said...

As of right now, the tree is Leon unless something else comes to mind.