Monday, July 11, 2011


It is July.  July means the middle of summer.  Since I'm not in school anymore, summer doesn't seem like that big of a deal anymore. 

I remember as a kid, the last day of school was the greatest day of the year.  It was almost comparable to Christmas, only warmer.  That last day of school meant summer vacation was here.  And summer vacation seemed like nothing but an endless possibility.  Pre-teenage years, it usually meant a lot of time was spent at the swimming pool and with neighborhood friends.  Once I had a summer job, summer vacation didn't matter as much, but it still meant a vacation from school.

Then, in college, summer vacations marked another year of my undergrad completed.  Also, summer was a time for working in order to pay bills during college.  Those summers seemed to fly by just as fast as college did.

Now, summer seems almost non-existent.  Working full-time means my schedule doesn't change at all.  The days that turn into weeks that turn into months seem to fly by.  It feels like it was just January and 2011 had just started.  Now look, it's July -- the 11th of July to be exact.  And soon, it will be January again.  (That's a horrible thought, I don't want to even think about snow.)

Where has all of the time gone? 

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