Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good, good news!

Sean and I are joining a gym tomorrow.  Well, really it is one of the St. Paul Recreation Centers, but for $30 a year (yes, that's right, I said year) we get access to weight room, walking track, and fitness center.

I'm so excited for it!  The year membership is cheaper than a monthly membership at other fitness centers.  Of course, me being frugal is very excited about that aspect.

This means I will be running again.  And, when there's no snow I'll be able to bike there to do strength training.  Wahoo!

Mom, the race is on to see who has the smaller dress size when my wedding rolls around. :)


Katie Vanden Busch said...

Awesome news, my penny-wise pal (thank you,! Get Lucky 7k, here we come!

Kali said...

7K we totally will come!

The Lingens said...

On like donkey kong (or should I say diddy kong since he is smaller. ML