Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday ramblings.

I'm going to be honest with you, these past few months I haven't been giving my lifestyle change my all.  I really haven't.  I've been going through the motions, mostly managing to loose a pound or two here and there.  I haven't been giving 110% towards my future, health, and goal weight.


That changed.  Sean proposed.  I realized the day after (right before Thanksgiving) that I really wanted to be at/close to my goal weight of 150ish.  Apparently the healthy weight for a female of my height is between 135 to 168 pounds.  My ideal healthy weight is 152 (according to some Google searching). 

Now, I'm 110% committed.  Yes, I sometime crave things I know will go straight to my bum.  But, I really don't want to eat them to screw up my progress thus far.  Side note, when I gained weight after college a lot of it went to my thighs and butt.  Yes, some of it went all over, but the majority went to my lower portion.  I'm currently weigh less than I did when I graduated college, but my favorite brand of jeans still don't quite fit the same.  I'm almost there though...

I should post a compare/contrast picture of my face to show you have much my double chin has gone down -- I like to think it's almost non-existent. 

Moral of this post?  I'm really looking forward to weigh day because I know the scale is going to reflect my hard work over the past week.  Check back on Wednesday to see if it is true.

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