Monday, February 20, 2012

The weekend.

Sean and I had a pretty busy weekend.  We attended our first of two pre-marriage classes. 

We had class on Friday night from 7 to 9:30.  Then, on Saturday from 9 a.m. to about 6:30 p.m.  Saturday was definitely a long day.  But, there was some good things we learned.  It was a Catholic pre-marriage class, so there was plenty of religious stuff.  Below are some things we learned.  Note:  This is completely from my perspective, not his.  I'll do this in a bullet list.
  • Couple time.  Time spent to work on the relationship.  Also could be called date night.  It is time spent communicating with each other.  Sean and I are going to bring back our Sunday dinners.  We used to cook a nicer meal together, but stopped because we got too busy or there was too much of my junk on the kitchen table.  We're bringing that back.
  • Put your relationship first.  The relationship must be a priority for marriage to work (obviously).
  • Communication is key.  We learned that we tell each other things, but we both forget important information.  Example - I tell him we're going to Sleepy Eye a particular weekend and Sean may not remember, or I wasn't clear enough.  Solution - we now have a whiteboard calendar hanging on a wall in our kitchen so we can each write down things going on. 
  • Natural family planning.  I learned more about what it is, but we don't agree with it right now.  There was a couple awkward sessions that I don't want to think about or talk about again.
  • Classy.  So, there was a panel discussion with three couples that had married varying amounts of time.  One couple was telling the story of how they met and got marrried.  They had a rocky and not very Christian relationship at the start and the husband would chime in and say "classy" at times they were clearly not being classy.  It was humorous.  This isn't really something I learned, but it was comical.
  • Three good full body hugs a day keeps the therapist away.  There was an older man that is a marriage therapist and he was very entertaining.  It said a key to a good relationship and marriage is to share three good full body hugs a day.  I agree with him.  A good hug from Sean definitely puts me in a better mood and makes me happier.
Those are some of the main points that are sticking in my mind right now.  Overall, we learned some things and I thought it was interesting.


BeccakBecca said...

Good stuff! I like the hug advice. The trick is to hug/kiss even when you REALLY don't want to.

Also, I love date night!

The Wistes said...

That sounds like some good stuff. Everyone figures out tricks that work for them as a unique couple. BTW, what is your wedding website?
I'm hoping for a Lingen reunion this weekend... it would be so zumba to see you, ha ha. (Just depends on Trav's work.) ~Becky