Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday.

Awwww, yeah!

February 1, 2012: -4.4 pounds, -35.4 pounds total

Weekly goal update. Last week, I set goals of walking to work every day and logging all of my food in Lose It.  Well, I walked to and from every day, but I failed horribly at logging in Lose It.  Literally, all I logged was my breakfast Wednesday morning.  I need to get better at that.

This week's goals.  Walk to work every day but today (because I need my car for work today).  Log in Lose It for four days this week.

Ready, set, go!


Katie Vanden Busch said...

*High Five*

I Pull 400 Watts said...

Nice job!

I have tried using Lose It and others, but it is hard to keep that up. If you have a smart phone the apps make it much easier.