Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Things on Friday

1. It's Friday!  I made it through my first week at my new job.  It really flew by and I love it even more than I did on Wednesday.  The people there are SO NICE and welcoming!  Also, Centennial Lakes Park is across the street from my building and it's fantastic.  It's like a secret garden.  This was today's lunch view.

I love this!

2. I got some super random Bible study invitation in the mail.  It was addressed with my maiden name.  No idea how or where this little (well I imagine her to be little) old lady got my name and address.  It also doesn't list any sort of church affiliation on it.  Seems a bit sketchy and creepy to me...

3. I have swimmer's ear.  Whomp whomp.  I used to get it all the time when I was a kid, but haven't had it for a few years.  So painful!  But, my internet search (a.k.a. Pinterest search) for a home remedy has been helping.  It's 5 to 10 drops of equals parts rubbing alcohol and vinegar.  It doesn't hurt as much today as it did yesterday.

4. Gary the Grand Am (my car) is getting working on by my father tomorrow.  Gary is getting new front rotors and brakes.  Shall be a grand time.  Lemon tree is also looking super sad.  She will be staying at my parent's house for a bit because she needs heat and humidity.  There's no where for me to put her outside currently in our apartment, so she's going to sit on my parent's deck for the remainder of the summer/early fall.

Sad lemon tree...

5. The Minnesota State Fair started yesterday.  I did not place at all in the three baking competitions I entered.  Ho hum.  Everything was perfect, too.  It saddens me.  Sean and I are going to the fair on Sunday, so we'll have to see if my stuff made it into the refrigerated display cases at least...

Have a nice weekend!

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