Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wedding shoes.

My wedding day apparel.  Dress, check.  Veil, check.  Shoes, no bueno.  I love shoes and I'm disappointed I haven't found anything I love yet.  I am sticking to flats since Sean and I are the same height, I don't want to be towering above him and feeling all awkward.

Here's some shoes I've been lusting after, but something has always been a bit off and I haven't 100% decided yet.

Cece Suede Ballet Flats from J.Crew

Ah, I love these.  They're perfect!  Too bad they're $128 for a small ballet flat.  Sad.  To rich for my blood.

White Glitter TOMS

Of course my list needs to include TOMS.  This is the first of many TOMS I like. 

Silver Crochet TOMS

They look gray to me instead of silver.  I think it would work, but I'm not totally sold.  And I think if I'm going to have colored shoes, I want yellow not gray.

Pewter Glitter TOMS

Okay, ignore the comment I just said about wanting yellow instead of gray.  I was perusing the TOMS website some more and I came across these.  Sweet Jesus, I am smitten.  As of right now, these are my front runner.  I can get behind something this glittery. 

Movember TOMS

I've decided I want to wear TOMS for the wedding.  Not only are they incredibly comfortable, I already own a pair that I love.  Originally, Becky had gotten the Movember TOMS for me for Christmas, but I have huge feet.  I went to exchange them at Nordstrom's and they didn't have my correct size.  I got the burlap TOMS instead (which I love just as much).  And!  There's a mustache on the side of this shoe.  I have a strange obsession with mustaches.  I think a mustache finger tattoo would be a fantastic thing. 

Yellow Palmetto TOMS

My favorites are the Pewter Glitter, Movember, and Yellow Palmetto.  What do you think?


The Lingens said...

I think yellow.

The Wistes said...

Hard decision... but I have to say yellow as well. They'll just pop more; though I do grant the glittery shoe's sparkle. ~Becky
(I am bummed about the Movembers because I felt really clever to get a pair and all of the reviews said they ran true to size. In my experience, they are smaller or just super narrow in the toe. So all you Tom lovers out there- order big and/or get them from Nordstoms or Zappos for free exchanges, and not from the TOMs website.)