Friday, March 30, 2012


Highlight of my day so far.

We look like young little babies.
Being able to fit into and wear that shirt.  This picture was taken on Sean's graduation day from St. Thomas, four years ago.  This picture is bittersweet.  The next day, he moved to the east coast and our across the country long distance relationship began.  Thankfully, I see him every day now and we're getting married. 

I'm going to visit Travis, Becky, and Charlie in Winona.  What are you doing this weekend?


Danielle said...

1) Cute Picture
2) Have fun in Winona
3) I spend most of my weekends in LaCrescent... so pretty close to Winona :)

The Lingens said...

I am reading picking up things in Mankato, reading blogs and (hopefully) posting on my blog.