Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Optimism is a funny thing.  One second, it's there, and the next second I'm complaining about something else.  Me being cold, me not wanting to go to work, me not wanting to bike against the wind every direction I need to go, blah, blah, blah.

Enough is enough.  I've decided to try to be optimistic in most crappy situations.  Examples:
  • People are annoying, but it is probably me that is annoyed and the situation, not the person.
  • I want to slap people, but again that is me and the situation, not the person's fault.
  • At work, the school next door is playing their band music super loud.  Eh, it could be worse.
  • The people living above my apartment sound like they're coming through the floor.  Eh, it could be worse.
  • It's cold outside.  No, actually it's not.  We've been spoiled this winter and spring.  This is above-average and abnormal. 
Attempting to be optimistic.  What have you been complaining about that you could look on the bright side of things?

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Katie Vanden Busch said...

I will say this...some people really do need to be slapped... I am optimistic that one day they will not annoy me to the point of me wanting to slap them. :-D I will try to be better, too.