Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Centerpieces and Pew Decorations

I have figured it out.  It being the reception table centerpieces and pew decorations at the church.

Tutorial found at Pizzazzerie
I have two different sized Martha Stewart hydrangea punches that I've been using to punch flowers out of two types of paper in different shades of yellow. 

Imagine this in yellow
I've made two different sized pomanders to go on a wire stem that will sit in the vases we picked up from IKEA.  So far, I'm really digging how it looks, but each pomander is tedious.  I've found that if the two hydrangea flowers that are layered together for each blossom are glued together first before pinning into the Styrofoam ball works a lot better.  Also, instead of using corsage pins like pictured above, on the smaller pomanders for the centerpieces I used quilting pins because they're yellow.  I think if I use quilting pins for the large pomanders, it may look kind of goofy.  The head of the quilting pin is going to be too small I think.  Maybe I'll find some yellow corsage pins online that have a larger plastic head.

If anyone needs to get their craft fix, how does gluing and pinning flowers to a Styrofoam ball sound?  That reminds me... I need to pick up some more yellow paper and pins for the pomanders from Michael's.  Good thing I've got a stash full of Michael's coupons!


Simply Christa said...

You could save some for me. I would love to help out in a couple weeks when I am in the cities;)

Katie Vanden Busch said...

I'm game! Just let me know when you want me. *Don't...don't you want me..." You just have to promise me a cupcake or something.