Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Perfect topper

Sean and I have a cake topper for our wedding cake and it's perfect. 

Barbie and Ken Wedding Day keepsake ornaments

I found the idea for the Barbie figurines from Weddingbee, a wedding blog that I love.  One of the bloggers had posted her idea about the Barbie ornaments in the beginning of March.  Once I saw her post, I immediately knew that this needed to be our cake topper as well.

As my family can attest to, I was a Barbie freak.  I loved everything Barbie and still played with them long after my friends stopped.  My dad built me an amazing Barbie house when I was five.  Once I have room for it, I will move it into my home and set up the original furniture and everything.  Boots will probably hide in it. 

Off to Ebay I went and I found the set right away.  I need to take the screws out of the tops of the bride and groom's head, but that is a minor detail. 

Apparently the hook things (very technical term) can be removed

They will also be doing double duty.  They will hang on our Christmas tree as ornaments - their original purpose - as well. 
Do you think I should paint the bow tie and cumberbun gray or yellow?

Aren't they perfect?

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