Monday, March 12, 2012

First Bike Ride of 2012

My route from Daily Mile
My bike and I went for a spin yesterday, a 3.47 mile spin.  Sean was there, too, on his own bike of course.

Sean finished giving Lenny a spring tune up when we got home from Sleepy Eye yesterday.  It was so gorgeous and the paths and roads were dry, so I was practically begging to go. 
While biking, muscles that are used to propel the bike forward were burning.  My quads definitely didn't hurt as much as they did when I first got the bike last fall, but they were being worked yesterday.  It's raining today, but as soon as the roads are dry you better believe I will be biking to work.  Hopefully tomorrow, but definitely Wednesday.  Woo!
How did you enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend?

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