Monday, March 5, 2012

Photographer booked!

I forgot to mention a photographer has been booked for the wedding!  A couple weekends ago when Sean and I were visiting my parents we met with two photographers.

Both photographers had really nice work and we would have been happy with either.  Ultimately, it came down to price, at least in my mind.  I called her last week and Mary Woitas, from Sleepy Eye, is booked as our photographer.  She offers exactly what are looking for: no prints to buy and images on a disc.  Also, as an added bonus we're getting two photographers.

I'm so happy and relieved that is done!  I feel like a weight has been lifted. 

Oh!  Save the dates were mailed out last week too.  I'm crossing things off my wedding to-do list left and right.


Danielle said...

Go you for checking things off. Also, I am very jealous because we STILL haven't figured out our photographer. It's tough to choose!

Kali said...

I think the photographer was the most difficult decision so far. It was hard to find one in our price range whose work we liked.