Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wine, crafts, and snacks.

I had an eventful Friday night. 

Christa and Katie came over to my apartment on Friday to help with some wedding crafts.  Specifically, they helped with centerpieces.

Katie with a pin stuck in through her finger. This was the worst of the pin sticks for her.
In addition to working on centerpiece flowers, we drank some wine and ate some snacks.

I feel like we got a lot accomplished.  Basically, most of the hydrangea poms for the gray vases are completed.  Side note.  What is the proper spelling of the color gray? 

From web design site, Sitepoint, found in Google search
Should it be gray or grey?  I've seen it both ways. says "gray" is how it is spelt in America (uses US English) and "grey" is how it is spelled in England (uses UK English), but both are correct. 

Now, this portion of the centerpieces will be complete once all of the vases are spray painted to the proper gray.  That is a project for Sean and my father to do next time we are in Sleepy Eye.  And I need to get more yellow paper to punch out hydrangea flowers to finish the flowers for the gray vases.

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