Saturday, September 3, 2011

Got shingles? Make cake!

Shingles have ruined my Labor Day weekend.  I was planning on going to Sleepy Eye this morning with Sean to visit the family, but last night I ended up going to urgent care. 

On Thursday morning at work, my left bicep started itching like crazy.  I had two welts there I then discovered.  I assumed I got bit by a mosquito on my walk to work, so I didn't think much of it.  Thursday night, I took an allergy pill and put some prescription itch cream on the welts and I assumed it would be taken care of when I woke up Friday morning. 

Alas, I was wrong.  The welts that had a distinction between the two no longer had a distinction.  In addition to itching, the big red spot on my arm a couple inches in diameter began to hurt with a stinging pain.  After spending all day at the Minnesota State Fair on Friday, when I got home I Googled spider bites.  I thought maybe that was it.  The stuff I was finding about spider and bug bites said if it worsens after 24 hours to seek medical attention. 

Hence, the urgent care visit.  As soon as the doctor looked at my arm he asked, "Have you ever had shingles before?"  Then he went on to explain that it is caused by the varicella (chicken pox) virus.  The virus can lay dormant for years or decades and then flare up when immunity is low.  He asked if I've been stressed lately.  Sean pointed out later that I've been extremely stressed out from work lately. 

After being given an anti-viral prescription, the doctor said I should try to find a 24 hour pharmacy to start the medication as soon as possible.  Sean and I found a 24 hour Walgreens and finally got the medication at 11 p.m. last night.

The doctor said the shingles aren't contagious, but I can give chicken pox to someone who hasn't had it.  I immediately thought about how I was going to be seeing Travis, Becky, and Charlie the next day (today, Saturday) and I definitely don't want to give little Charles chicken pox.  So, long story short, Sean and I stayed home today.  I'm supposed to be babysitting Charlie on Labor Day, but I don't want to risk getting him sick.

Instead of going to Sleepy Eye, I decided to make strawberry cake with creamy, fluffy strawberry frosting.  It turned out great.  Tasty and pink.

Fluffy, strawberry frosting

The cake got a little overcooked on the edges, but overall turned out good

And now, I'm going to attempt to get the kitty to play with me.  I hope your Labor Day weekend is lovely!


Katie Vanden Busch said...

Sucky! I'm sorry that work has stressed you out...but your cake looks AMAZING!

The Lingens said...

If you bake at a little lower temperature the middle will catch up with the edge and viola - no over cooked edges. Looks like you could use some baking strips.